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Hello, this is
our story

The world doesn’t need another branding agency. But it needs good Brands. Brands help give meaning, galvanise people, and inspire change.

Great organisations know this but they're stuck with big consultancies that don't get Brand, or agencies that prefer logos or advertising.

ThinkAhead was formed in the space between business and creativity, bringing together the best of both.

I’m Ron Ferdinands, and I’m not the typical consultant. I began my career in the Law, then moved into Commercial roles with my MBA.  


I always felt like an outsider because I didn’t subscribe to the binary idea that business-minded people couldn’t also be creative. That's when I discovered Brand Strategy as the perfect mix of thinking and magic.


After many years working for the big agencies, I started ThinkAhead as a different kind of consultancy.


Besides ThinkAhead, I also co-founded two startups, and teach the masterclass in Creative Leadership to emerging leaders. 


Calling the New Guard

We call our clients the 'New Guard' because they're inspiring and leading change. Smart, driven, and challenging the status quo, the New Guard are shaking up the old and redrawing boundaries. They're creating something new and better.

They're not afraid to ask the big questions, seek different answers, and push for better.

The New Guard are asking the big questions:


  • "What business are we truly in?"


  • "What should we stand for?"

  • "What does our future look like?"

  • "How will our people remember us?"


  • "Which shifts should we pay attention to?"

  • "How do we realise our true potential?"

If this sounds like you, please come and say hi!

Working with us

ThinkAhead's not your typical consultancy. 


Outside, we’re deliberately under-the-radar. Inside, we're a modern co-working space – relaxed, open, and hands-on.


The process of creating work is just as important as the work itself.

We believe change starts with Brand, so we strive to always be intentional, authentic, and compelling.

We hire for initiative. We celebrate different thinking. We’re not burdened by protocols or timesheets. We insist on work-life fit. 

Keen to find out more? Drop in for a coffee.

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