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Hello, I'm Ron

If you own or lead an organisation, you know how important it is to genuinely engage with your customers, to provide meaningful work for your people, and to inspire a better vision for the future.


A great brand can help you do all these things.


The problem? It’s hard to find real brand experts. Creative agencies do ads. Design shops do logos and colours. And the big consultancies do expensive. 

I felt it was time for something different.

ThinkAhead sits at the intersection of business rigour and creative potential, without the consulting stereotypes.

The challenges facing today’s brands requires a different mindset and new capabilities. My 20 years’ of working in the legal, commercial, and marketing sectors has given me a special mix of thinking and craftsmanship to build brands.


Who am I? A creative thinker. Truth seeker. Teacher. Dad. Husband. Coffee lover. Runner. Future optimist.


I’ve also co-founded two other companies, and run a masterclass in creative leadership for emerging leaders.


Are you a perfect match?

Our best clients want to change the status quo. They're smart, driven, big thinkers who are daring to redraw the boundary lines. They want to create something new and better.

They're not afraid to ask the big questions, seek different answers, and make the tough calls.

Most of our clients come to us with these big questions:


  • "What business are we truly in?"

  • "What should we stand for?"

  • "What does our future look like?"

  • "How will our staff find meaning?"


  • "What changes should we be ready for?"

  • "If we disappeared today, will we be missed?"

Who's helping you find the answers?

Working with us

We're a thinking firm. That means we don't ever start with a pre-conceived solution.


We create work in a relaxed, open, and hands-on way. For us, the journey is just as important as the destination.

Everything we create has to be intentional and true. It should feel timeless, but also compelling.

We do most of our work from Melbourne, but you can find us in the cool coworking spaces in Sydney, too. 

Come and say hi, and share a magic with us.

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