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We don't pretend to be 'full-service'.

We focus on just four things: that’s real expertise. 


Brand Strategy

What does your brand stand for?

A brand is more than your logo or design. It’s the central idea of an organisation, product, or community. For it to be powerful, a brand must have a clear point of view, and be compelling and valuable to its audiences. 

Brand strategy builds an emotional connection between an organisation and its audiences. A good brand strategy should be clear, practical, and inspirational. 

At ThinkAhead, we don’t get caught up on jargon and brand hype. We're not going to bore you with the debate around brand differentiation versus distinction, or how A.I. is disrupting traditional brand thinking. Instead, we’ll help answer the questions that will truly elevate your brand.

Answering your important Brand questions:

  • What should your brand stand for?

  • Is your brand engaging the right audiences? 

  • Does your brand's value proposition support your organisation's financial objectives?​​​

  • How does brand shape your product roadmap or help you innovate?

  • Do you have too many brands? Which brand should you keep or park?


Growth Strategy

What does your future look like? 


Growth usually comes at a cost: brand consistency, product quality, even customer loyalty. But there's a way to grow without having to make unnecessary trade-offs.

Growth strategy helps you acquire new audiences and retain your current ones; expand your product offering and keep your portfolio sharp; grow your revenue and your profit. 

At ThinkAhead, we’ve developed growth strategies for new brands, challenger brands, and mature brands. Often the issues are complex and interlinked, so it requires a multi-disciplinary approach and the experience to help you navigate complex scenarios.

Answering your important Growth questions: 

  • What is your most valuable source of growth?

  • How can you expand without cannibalisation? 

  • How do you balance product innovation and profit margin?

  • What is the ideal mix of brand building and sales activation?


  • What skills and capabilities do you need to deliver growth? ​


Customer Experience Strategy

How do you want people to feel?


Poor customer experiences are correlated with customer churn. Most organisations overweight the point of sale and neglect the whole customer journey.


Customer experience strategy supports your brand strategy by bringing it to life across all your customer touchpoints. It helps organisations bring the outside-in and design experiences around memories and emotions.

At ThinkAhead, we help solve the right pain points and elevate customer-centricity beyond the customer experience team to the whole organisation. 

Answering your important Customer Experience questions:


  • What does a winning customer experience strategy look like? How does it work together with the business strategy?

  • ​Does your customer research reveal real and actionable insights? How do you turn these into test-and-learn experiments? 

  • Have you got an accurate and robust customer journey model? Which part of the journey can you make the greatest difference?

  • Do you have the right data and assets to deliver the strategy? How are you building internal capabilities to support it?

  • How are you building your case for change? How are you bringing others on the journey? What are the short-term and long-term success metrics

Employee Experience Strategy

How do you inspire greatness?


When it comes to recognising and valuing people, there's often a disconnect between intention and reality. When employees experience the impact of this disconnect, they can take it personally - it’s one of the biggest reasons people leave an organisation. In an increasingly competitive labour market, this can hurt business performance.

One solution is what some call an Employee Value Proposition, but at ThinkAhead we think this is limiting and outdated, often resulting in tactics that erode competitive advantage. 

We prefer Employee Experience Strategy because it goes beyond a list of employee benefits. Instead, it is based on the organisation's higher purpose and a strategy of mutual value exchange between employees and the organisation. This is brought to life via a system of purposeful work, recognition and growth, ways of working, social experiences, and internal communications. 

Answering your important Employee Experience questions:

  • What is your organisation's purpose and competitive advantage? How is it positioned in the labour market?

  • Do you know what your employees truly value? What’s driving them and what’s holding them back?

  • Where in the employee journey is there an opportunity to build something distinctive and valuable?​​

  • How do you leverage the 'new normal' and stay relevant amidst the big shifts in work and workplaces? ​​

  • How do we elevate the HR function to become more strategic and a lever of growth?


Brand, Marketing and Communications challenges don't always fit neatly into a box.


We're here to help. Come and say hi.

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