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Melbourne Connect



Brand Naming

Melbourne's innovation precinct

A brand strategy and name to to create distinctiveness and give life to a precinct

The University of Melbourne had partnered with Lendlease to create an innovation precinct in Melbourne CBD. Before construction started, the University wanted a bold vision and new name to help guide the precinct’s strategy and initiatives, attract research partners, and excite staff. Without it, the University recognised the precinct would be spread too thin, forego some big opportunities, and become a disparate collection of ‘silos’: insular and disconnected from industry and the community.
We reviewed the best innovation precincts from around the world, and engaged dozens of University stakeholders, potential partners and the community. The insights were turned into various brand concepts. They were canvassed broadly, and a preferred direction was chosen based around an ecosystem model. The University would provide the research backbone, but remain ‘light touch’. The open ecosystem would be shaped by commercial, cultural and community partners. This new approach for the University of Melbourne set the scene for the precinct’s development.
The new brand led to strategic principles for collaboration, space design, client services, and engagement with the City of Melbourne. It also provided the basis for a new name, Melbourne Connect, and a new visual identity system centred around the fluid, ever- changing, kinetic force of innovation.

"A truly consultative and strategic process. The brand is a key part of the precinct’s story and its future.”

Vice-Chancellor, the University of Melbourne

Collaboration with McCann

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