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 Change starts
 with Brand.  


Change is the fuel for growth. Brand is your rocket ship.


Why ThinkAhead

We’re an independent consultancy combining the rigour of strategy with the possibilities of creativity. 

Brand helps you get unstuck; creates new meaning; broadens your perspective; unlocks new opportunities; and elevates your impact.

With over 16 years' experience, we've helped dozens of organisations realise their potential and make meaningful change.

If you're looking for something deeper than a logo and more enduring than an advertisement, you’ve come to the right place.


A new kind of consultancy

Most creative and design agencies are all-style-and-no-substance. They lack deep expertise, get distracted by the shiny new thing, and rush through everything. 

ThinkAhead is a strategic and progressive practice. There are no egos, smoke and mirrors, or holding company constraints.

As an independent, we have the freedom to work differently, go beyond the surface, and create something better. 

We’re a breath of fresh air. 100% of our time is about the work, not chasing awards.


Read our Founder’s story.

An approach tailored for you

No two brands are the same. Every new engagement starts with a clean sheet of paper. We build an approach around your challenges, needs and working rhythms. This involves:


​​Speaking openly. Sharing what's on your mind and what great looks like to you. We'll handle the rest.​

Going deeper. Deep-diving into your customer’s world to uncover fresh insights and hypotheses. 

Building together. Developing scenarios and selecting the winning strategy.

Testing and learning. Building prototypes, selecting the right bet, and scaling for success.


Empowering champions. Aligning your people to bring the strategy to life, and be ready for the future.



Tell us what works best for you?


Access real expertise

Most ‘full-service’ agencies are all smoke-and-mirrors.

We specialise in four important areas vital for Brands. 


Brand Strategy

What does your brand stand for?


Growth Strategy

What does your future look like?


Customer Experience

What do you want people to feel?


Employee Experience

How do you inspire greatness?

Your challenge may not fit neatly into a box.

Reach out and tell us what you need.

The incredible brands collection

What makes a Brand incredible? The belief that change starts with Brand.

We've been fortunate to work with some of the best. 

ThinkAhead_FED SQ_2023.05.16.jpg
ThinkAhead_KRAFT HEINZ_2023.05.16.jpg
ThinkAhead_ME BANK_2023.05.16.jpg
ThinkAhead_K AND B_2023.05.16.jpg
ThinkAhead_UNI MELB_2023.05.16.jpg
ThinkAhead_TOURISM TAS_2023.05.16.jpg

Work we're proud of

Our enemy is the safe, the superficial, the generic.

Our projects create meaningful change and measurable business impact. Find out how we did it.

Our clients said this

Here are real words from some of our clients – honest and unedited.

Getting this feedback is better than winning any award. 


“Ron led us on a journey of discovery and insight, through a series of thought-provoking and enjoyable workshops using his strategic and logical manner to reach an outcome that our organisation has been truly delighted with.”

Cherilynne Kemp

Head of People & Performance


“Ron is a wonderfully creative and intelligent human who demonstrates excellent capability traversing a full 360 degrees to solve a business problem. With the innate qualities of a teacher and mentor, Ron engaged and worked with both the core team and wider stakeholders in solving the brief.”


Leanne Boyd

Head of Brand Strategy



“Ron's strategy brought together a deep understanding of customer needs and international best practices to develop a distinctive and valuable brand that informed all aspects of our new hotel business. He is great a t communicating complex ideas simply and influencing at all levels.”

Zed Sanjana



Equip yourself for change

Be ready to lead the change you want to see.

Use some of our strategy tools and frameworks. Or sign up to our leadership masterclass.

Strategy room

Food for the brain. Tools for the hands.



Creative leadership.

High performance.

Let’s talk

Do you want change?

Not sure where to start?

We can help.


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